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JuliaSigned on: Sat 28 Apr 2007 14:50:58 PDT
I had the worst head ache (was lasting for weeks!) and I couldn't sleep either. I had a couple cups of your Flying Phoenix Tea and my head calmed and I slept through the entire night. I love your Flying Phoenix Tea!  
Thank you!
-rj-Signed on: Sat 13 Aug 2005 20:28:29 PDT
Flying Phoenix?two words that have allowed me to be where I am; training daily, understanding constantly, and living life to its fullest every second of the day. I drink the tea, do the meditations, and have had the darn (pronounced ?don?). My health was on a downhill skid. Aches and pains should not be a routine, and they were headed in that direction. Age is not an excuse to living with pain. After taking the Fae Fung Sann Gunn darn, my bodies aches and pains have virtually disappeared. Drinking the Flying Phoenix Tea has given me every reason to ?have another cup!? ?Energy? should be its middle name. And don?t forget the meditations. The Flying Phoenix mediations gave me what I needed to keep my health going in the right direction. Darns, teas, meditations --- that?s me ---Thanks to Flying Phoenix!!! :grin
ThomasSigned on: Sat 13 Aug 2005 12:49:32 PDT
I purchased your "Goddess of the Eastern Sky" Tea and took it to a dinner. This dinner was at a very good Chinese restaurant. The group I was in was about 12 and we all started drinking it at about the end of dinner. During the dinner we were all tired due to a hard day but after about 20 minutes into our drinking of the tea, we were all flush with energy and laughing very loud at stories that we all were sharing. (Remember this is after eating a 5 course meal, and we were already tired). So the manager comes back, and he is a tea specialist. So he asked what the tea was and wanted to taste it. He said, that the tea tasted good but it was nothing special. Well, in front of all of these people, this Chinese gentleman came back into the room and asked for more as he said he could feel the herbs working and felt warm and energized. We all invited him to sit down and we shared more tea. We all stayed drinking tea until closing time with the manager. I highly recommend the tea's listed as they are unreal in their effect and taste!! :grin
Chuck VSigned on: Thu 11 Aug 2005 20:19:13 PDT
Meditations are awesome! But you have to do them to experience how awesome they really are. 
Becky WilkinsonSigned on: Wed 10 Aug 2005 12:10:45 PDT
I have used the liniment for my back and it is wonderful. Becky W
MercedesSigned on: Wed 10 Aug 2005 11:13:22 PDT
Just to let you know I do like the capsules you gave me.  
It took a little longer to feel there potential... but I do like them. 

TobinSigned on: Wed 10 Aug 2005 00:15:25 PDT
I grew up in the Midwest. I would spend time playing in the snow in the wintertime. My hands would swell uncontrolably from the cold. This worried my mother. I had this condition all the way up until I began practicing the Flying Phoenix Chi Kung. Since doing these meditations I no longer have the hand swelling due to the cold weather! My mother no longer worries either! I recommend these meditations for they helped me with this one condition I noticed, who knows how many other conditions that were corrected that I did not notice! Thank you!!
David FSigned on: Wed 10 Aug 2005 00:10:54 PDT
I developed lactose intolerance in my adolescent years. I loved ice cream and for years the tiniest spoonful would wreak havoc on my system. One day I was taught the Flying Phoenix Meditations. I did these meditations diligently for a couple months and continue them occasionally still today. I can now eat as much ice cream as I want and I can honestly say that I no long have lactose intolerance! Thank you Flying Phoenix.us!!!
ChrisSigned on: Tue 09 Aug 2005 13:15:38 PDT
I have been using your products for a few months now, and I feel awesome! Specifically, I am taking one of your teas everyday. Since elementary school, I have suffered from chronic migraines, as often as once a week. I have been on more medications than I can remember, to no avail. I ended up being placed on tranquilizers to just sleep the pain off, and was told there is nothing more the doctors can do. Thanks to your tea, I only get a migraine once ever two or three months, and they are nowhere near as severe as they once were! The longer I take the tea, the less frequent my migraines get! 
Also. my grandmother has been able to replace her arthritic medication with some of the herbal ointments that you offer. She now feels much better and is much happier, and doesn?t suffer from the side-effects that the medications caused. Our health and quality of life has been greatly improved! Thank you for the difference your products have made in my life and in the lives of those close to me!  
JGSigned on: Fri 05 Aug 2005 13:15:38 PDT
I have tried many different types of teas and meditations and found that the Flying Phoenix meds and teas are worth the price. I use them everyday and like they way they make me feel. I can not wait for some new things to try from FlyingPhoenix.us
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